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Dr. Aljobory Hazm, Chirurgie Toracica Timisoara, Romania.

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Dr. Aljobory Hazm started his activity as a thoracic surgeon at Victor Babes Hospital, in Timisoara, in 1986 under the guidance of Prof. Ene Virgil.
During the Golf War, between 1990 and 1994, Dr. Aljobory Hazm worked in Irak, at Sadam Hussein Teaching Hospital, as chief of Thoracic Surgery and chief of surgical emergencies.

After 1995 Dr. Hazm Aljobory worked as a primary physician in Thoracic Surgery at Victor Babes Hospital, in 2002 was nominated section chief of Thoracic Surgery and afterwards compartment chief of Thoracic Surgery. In the same year he obtained competence in Thoracoscopic surgery, and in 2005 became a doctor in medical sciences.

Over the years, Dr. Aljobory Hazm took part in and performed over 5000 surgical interventions, most of them of great difficulty and diversity in the area of thoracic-pulmonary surgery and in border area. He participated at numerous congresses, symposiums and scientific meetings, where he also had the opportunity to present his own work. Dr. Aljobory Hazm is a member of the European Society of Thoracic Surgery, of the Romanian Society of Thoracic Surgery and also of the Romanian Society of Pneumology.

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Dr. Aljobory Hazm a inceput activitatea in Chirurgie Toracica la Spitalul Victor Babes Timisoara, in anul 1986, sub indrumarea domnului Prof. dr. Ene Virgil.
In timpul razboiului din Golf, in perioada 1990-1994, a lucrat in Irak, la Spitalul Universitar Sadam Hussein ca sef de sectie Chirurgie Toracica si sef de urgente chirurgicale.

Din 1995 este medic primar in chirurgie toracica la Spitalul Victor Babes, in 2002 a fost numit sef sectie chirurgie toracica apoi sef compartiment chirurgie toracica, tot in 2002 obtine competenta in Chirurgie Toracoscopica, iar in 2005 devine Doctor in stiinte medicale.

De-a lungul anilor, Dr. Aljobory Hazm a efectuat si a participat la peste 5000 de interventii chirurgicale, majoritatea de mare amploare si diversificate in domeniul chirurgiei toraco-pulmonare si de granite.
De asemenea, a participat la numeroase congrese, simpozioane si intalniri stiintifice unde a si prezentat lucrari. Este membru al Societatii Europene de Chirurgie Toracica, al Societatii Romane de Chirurgie Toracica precum si al Societatii Romane de Pneumologie.

Dr. Hazm Aljobory, doctor in stiinte medicale, medic primar chirurgie toracica, competenta in chirurgie toracoscopica coordonator Compartiment Clinic de Chirurgie Toracica Spitalul Clinic Nr. 4 “Victor Babes“ Timisoara

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Dr Aljobory Hazm

Dr. Aljobory Hazm este sef al departamentuluil de Chirurgie Toracica a Spitalului V. Babes Timisoara.

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